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BBIM GIFT CARDS - A great gift for any special occasion

Order & Receive Your New Cards On-Line!

BBIM gift cards can solve your special gift problem!  You don't have to guess the recipient's taste since they select the Inn.  When you order a card, it is delivered electronically as soon as your debit or credit card is processed.  We send it to you or to the recipient, as you request, and they can use it at any member B&B!  Gift cards are transferable and have a five year expiration date, leaving lots of time to use them.

  • Gift cards can be issued in any amount between $50 and $300.

  • When you order gift cards using a debit or credit card, the gift cards are delivered electronically as soon as the debit or credit card is processed and the purchase process is complete.  They can be delivered to either the buyer or the person receiving the gift card, as you request.  The gift cards will be delivered to the e-mail address the buyer provides.

  • 100% of BBIM gift card funds go to the innkeeper.

We no longer sell Gift Cards or Certificates by mail or by phone.  If you have any questions relating to BBIM's Gift Cards/Certificates, please contact the Gift Certificate Administrator, Bridgette via email at gifts@bbim.org or by calling 636-346-1444.

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Effective December 1, 2009 all Bed and Breakfast Inns of Missouri gift cards or certificates sold will have an expiration date of sixty (60) months from the date of issue.  The expiration date for all previously issued and not yet redeemed certificates will be changed to sixty (60) months from date of issue.  Since the certificates sold prior to December 1, 2009 have already been issued the physical certificate will not be replaced.

Bed and Breakfast Inns of Missouri will not charge a fee or reduce the value of the certificate during the first sixty (60) months from the date of issue.