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Associate/Vendor Members are listed on our website and have access to our membership. As an associate/vendor member, you may:

  • List your company on our website (www.bbim.org) with full contact information, including a link to your website.
  • Be introduced as a vendor in our blog, read by both members and non-members.
  • Have the opportunity to send an e-flyer to our membership via our moderated email group four times a year.
  • Post to our Facebook page (commercial posts from non-members are deleted).
  • Have a FREE booth and/or provide literature to be distributed at our fall membership meeting and any spring meetings/conference that are BBIM-only.
  • Buy a banner ad on bbim.org at a discount (not available if displayed website links to non-member inns).

To join, go to  application information


Current BBIM Associate/Vendor Members: