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Aspiring Innkeeper Information Guide

NOW AVAILABLE! - - - Updated for 2013-14

Your 1-stop Information Package for the person who wants to open a B&B in Missouri

Contents of the Package

  • BBIM Aspiring Innkeeper Information Outline (9 pages covering the basic information you need to know).
  • Contacts at State and Federal agencies and other important organizations (4 pages giving addresses, phones and websites).
  • Federal Tax Topics: Handout and IRS Market Segment Audit Guide (essential for your B&B tax planning purposes - so your tax advisor knows where to look).
  • State Tax Topic: Missouri sales tax information!
  • Health Topics: Copy of state Health Department rule on lodging facilities.
  • Fictitious Name: Data from the Missouri Secretary of State's Office (so you can comply).
  • Historic Preservation: Contacts at the Department of Natural Resources so you can learn what assistance is available in restoring your historic home
  • BBIM Review checklists for facility planning.
  • BBIM Membership Information Package & discount coupon (more detailed information about BBIM's programs and a coupon good for $10 off your Associate Membership).
  • Information on the BBIM Mentor Program (open only to those who take advantage of our combined Aspiring Package-Associate Member offer).

What you REALLY need to know at an affordable price!

"If I build it they will come"
Many folks open a B&B with that dream and are sorely disappointed. To succeed, you need to plan to meet the needs of the market - the best time is before you are financially committed. BBIM's Aspiring Innkeeper Information Package helps you with the business & regulatory ramifications, and it will give you the contact information to find your way around the agencies that can help or hinder you.

The cost?

Only $49 on CD-ROM for non-BBIM members (but we include a $10 discount for your future BBIM membership).

Only $29 on CD-ROM for current BBIM members (or those who become BBIM Associate Members with this order - BBIM Associate membership is $50 so your total would be $79 for CD-ROM version)

How To Order

Order Online using Paypal®. Go to the BBIM ORDER FORM PAGE and order.

Order by Check. Go to the BBIM ORDER FORM PAGE , print out the page and send it to the address printed on it.

All this information sent you by Return Mail when we receive your order!
An essential resource for someone planning to open a B&B in Missouri!